We are going to talk about encouragement today. I had another post planned but really felt like the Lord wanted to change gears. Have you ever had an "off" day? I had an “off” day this week. I think it was a combination of being exhausted from traveling for Thanksgiving, not feeling well, and a … Continue reading IN-COURAGE

Identity 101, Part 3

We have spent the past two weeks looking at Ephesians 1 and how it details our identity. This will be the last week in the series and we are ending it with the most important part. We are looking at verses 20-23 today. 20-23 All this energy issues from Christ: God raised him from death and … Continue reading Identity 101, Part 3

Identity 101, Part 2

We are going to jump right into part 2 of our Identity 101 series. Last week we laid the foundation of our identity: we are children of God. The first step in understanding your value is knowing that you belong to God. If you didn't read last week's post, I suggest starting there before going … Continue reading Identity 101, Part 2

Identity 101, Part 1

Before we get started, I want to share what happened this week as I was preparing for this post. This is probably the most important series I have done. I started to make edits to this post and the Holy Spirit fell all over me. I ended up on my face, crying out to God for … Continue reading Identity 101, Part 1

Have You Prayed?

I got a text from a girl at 1 am this week. She was panicked about what direction her life is supposed to go. I started down the rabbit hole with her, asking questions, and felt the Holy Spirit say, "Ask her if she prayed about it." She answered honestly that she had not. Please … Continue reading Have You Prayed?

When God Says No

I have had this saved for over two years and just never posted it. This was written right after we stepped down from Gateway to plant our church. Then all the doors closed. We had no idea what God was going to do. Now that we are on the other side of this struggle, I … Continue reading When God Says No

Dreams Come True

Before JM and I got married, we dreamed about loading our kids up in the car and taking them on a secret, surprise trip to Disney World. Now, 13 years later we get to do just that! I'm so excited that I could explode! I am writing this before we go on our trip so … Continue reading Dreams Come True

YES Day!

I spent Thursday having Yes Day with my kids. Yes Day is a day where kids get to pick all the activities for the whole day and the parents commit to saying, "Yes" (unless it is something illegal, immoral, etc) to their choices. I first heard of Yes Day last year on Jennifer Garner's Instagram page. … Continue reading YES Day!

Set the Table. It Matters.

We had our church's version of vacation bible school this week. I was asked to come up with the decorations. I was honored, but also a little nervous. Why? Because I sat under the world's best kid's pastors (truly) and watched them create these kind of events; they set the bar extremely high. Thankfully, I had HUGE … Continue reading Set the Table. It Matters.

What If?

I watched a Beth Moore message on Life Today 6 years ago that wrecked me. Here is the link to it if you want to watch it. It is definitely worth your time but in case you don't want to, here is the premise... Beth was dealing with two major fears. She felt the Holy … Continue reading What If?

Pull the Weeds

This week, a dear woman in our church came to our home to clear out our flower beds. She loves to garden and noticed that we have quite a mess on our hands. She got to our house at 9 am and spent the entire day blowing leaves out of our flower beds. We live … Continue reading Pull the Weeds

My Beloved

I've got to be honest, I am writing this very late the night before it it supposed to go live. I usually spend the whole week preparing these but we've had a lot going on this week. I just haven't even had a second to really think about what to write this week. Today is … Continue reading My Beloved


I haven't shared much about my family on here yet. I usually try to keep the focus on what I am learning in the Word. However, what I am learning and how I am growing have everything to do with my family this week. My husband is a campus pastor at a church in AR. … Continue reading GET AWAY

Filled with Courage

Last week we talked about joy and finding ways to intentionally add it to our day. Today we are going to talk about encouragement. We all go through seasons where joy is easy to feel and seasons where joy is harder to feel. Our feelings can trip us up if we let them. So, what … Continue reading Filled with Courage

10 Minute Challenge

Today’s post will be short and sweet! Every summer, our family comes up with a bucket list of things we want to do. They range from very simple and free things (i.e. going on a nature walk) to more expensive things (i.e taking a trip to the beach). I have attached a copy of our … Continue reading 10 Minute Challenge

Danger Ahead, Part 2

Hi friends! Welcome to week 2 of Danger Ahead. Last week I introduced the idea that if we live in our flesh, we are headed for danger. (Link) I am someone who asks a lot of questions. I think I get that from my dad. When people get saved and make Jesus their savior, my … Continue reading Danger Ahead, Part 2

Danger Ahead!

Last week, I was driving around a curve that I drive multiple times a day and a truck coming towards me flashed its lights at me several times. I immediately slowed down because I could tell he was trying to tell me something. This was not a one-time, get your attention thing. This was an … Continue reading Danger Ahead!

Conquering May

Hello my loves, It is officially May. Can you even believe it? May is one of those months like December where we try to squeeze in as much as possible. We have 3 graduations, graduation parties, a school BBQ, 2 Cinco de Mayo events, teacher appreciation week, a book fair, dress up week for the … Continue reading Conquering May

Seasons Change

My family moved from Texas to Northwest Arkansas about 18 months ago. Texas has one and a half seasons: hot mixed with tornados, and then icy. That was it. We could swim from late April to November. Glory. Northwest Arkansas on the other hand, has all four seasons. To which my husband says, "Hallelujah!" I … Continue reading Seasons Change

Let’s Be Kind

Let’s Be Kind has been an anthem from my heart for the past 7 years. I was about to celebrate my 25th birthday and was depressed and lonely. I had left my dream job to stay home with our baby. We moved from north Dallas to Fort Worth for my husband’s job. I knew no … Continue reading Let’s Be Kind


We all have blind spots in our lives. These blind spots are usually glaringly obvious to everyone else but, by definition, we can’t see them. Some people have lived with them for so long that they just assume their issues are part of who they are. Today, we are going to answer a series of … Continue reading Strongholds

What If You Could?

I am married to a dreamer. His mind goes a million miles an hour and he is full of faith. He sees only possibilities and has no fear. I am not that way. I see all possible problems. God wired me to see systems and problem solve. I am thankful for the way I'm made, … Continue reading What If You Could?


Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. I had a moment this past weekend that showed me that I was “off.” I am an introvert, and I need moments away from other people (even my family) to gather my thoughts and fill up. I call it “Tif Time.” Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore people. I’ve just … Continue reading HALT


Rest is a big deal. Many cultures around the world shut down business for a couple of hours every day so that employees can go home and take a nap. US businesses are figuring this out too: Google, Huffington Post, and NASA have installed nap pods on site to allow for rest during the work … Continue reading Sabbath

Walking Wounded

"How’s your soul?" I ask my people this question a lot. I want to approach this subject with an honest moment right up front: This is big. Bigger than a blog post and bigger than me. I have been trying to write this for days. I keep sitting in front of my computer in tears because … Continue reading Walking Wounded

What Is Your Assignment?

Hi friends! I've been studying the idea of assignments for a few weeks. I initially thought this was going to be my blog relaunch post. But after talking to about the 12th struggling mama, I figured I needed to talk about Mommy Guilt (you can read about it here). Then on Sunday, my pastor preached on … Continue reading What Is Your Assignment?

Dear Mama

Dear Mama, Pretend like we are best friends, drinking hot chocolate (coffee is disgusting) for a second. Imagine that I am your usually very mellow bestie who likes to make you laugh. I’m incredibly awkward and silly but today, I’m feisty. Got the picture? I get the privilege of meeting with women pretty frequently. It … Continue reading Dear Mama

“I Wanna Walk”

Daddy and Hads had stuff to do yesterday so I took Lands on a walk. We didn’t even get 3 minutes into our walk before she started pulling at her seat belt straps and saying, “I wanna walk.” I just giggled at her and kept walking. I took her by a neighbor’s yard that had … Continue reading “I Wanna Walk”